Civic Salon is a platform that strengthens the global bond between post-secondary educational institutions, civic change makers and the communities in which they both reside. From video training courses to informational blogs to social hashtags, we aim to offer avenues that will optimize the process by which social change occurs, and help people like you do what you do best.




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An open-source document for civic activists of all kinds, this disruptive compilation of resources pushes readers to work outside of their level of comfort.



Civic Practice

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Civic Practice is design-thinking embedded professional development training in cross-sector partnerships for campus leaders and graduate students at anchor institutions empowering them to act with intention with their neighboring communities in real-time.



Boundary Spanners

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Our Blog - Boundary Spanners - is an inclusive community that features social entrepreneurs, post-secondary campus leaders, publicly engaged scholars and the often-unnoticed community transformation work that they do within cities nationwide.